SAT exam prep community

We know you are tired of study forums. We are too. ConquerSAT is a dedicated social network designed specifically for SAT students to study collaboratively.

Why join the network

A whole host of social features that make collaborative studying effective


Meet interesting people from around the world tackling the exam and preparing for college


Browse a bulletin board dedicated to study resources, Q&A, advice and community news


Post a job requesting tutoring or mentoring help and receive responses from the best


Engage in study or community related discourse with members individually or in group chats


Organize private or public events for people locally or as a web conference


A simple way to buy/sell notes and other test prep material


What is it

ConquerSAT is a social network designed to help students ace the SAT exam. ConquerSAT was built as a simple way for SAT test takers around the world to join hands by sharing exam hacks, crowdsource resources and solve problem collaboratively.

For students

SAT test takers are at the centre of this network. The app is intended to be a student's virtual study buddy. Powerful search functionality will enable anyone to tap the collective knowledge of the community.

For tutors

The Gradchat platform also enables individuals to offer tutoring, coaching or mentoring services to current test takers. Whether you are a high school student or a freshman in college, you can freely respond to requests for tutoring, essay writing help, college application mentoring etc.

How to join the community

Follow these 5 easy steps to join the network

Step 1

Click register and enter your information

Step 2

Accept the invitation sent to your email

Step 3

Download the ConquerSAT app

Step 4

Create an account

Step 5

Login to the network using your signup credentials

Inside the community

Why study in silos when you can tap into a world of SAT knowledge

Together is better

Instead of 3-4 friends, learn from a global community of test takers

McGraw Hill Education

“Our recent research around college study trends found that over 70% of students feel that the technology they use to study should be as tailored to their needs as social media feeds”

Journal of Information Technology Education

“Educational benefits of online collaborative group work have been confirmed in numerous research studies. Most frequently cited advantages include the development of skills of critical thinking and problem solving as well as skills of self-reflection and co-construction of knowledge and meaning”


“More than 1200 studies comparing cooperative and individualistic efforts have found that cooperative learning methods improve students' time on tasks and intrinsic motivation to learn, as well as expectations for success”


“A meta-analysis comparing group work to individual work in K-12 and college classrooms also found that students working in groups achieved significantly more than students working individually”

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